Anti-Fog Lens Wipes - 30 ct Box

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Individually wrapped, pre-moistened wipes that are fast drying and leaves no streaks. The wipes are made of a soft microfine tissue that will not scratch your optics. The anti fog wipes are formulated to work on all types of coated lenses including lenses with anti-reflective coating, Blue Light Blocking, prescription, reading, sunglass, binoculars, riflescopes, camera lenses, and other optics.

TRUSTED PERFORMANCE: Provides effective fog prevention for up to 24 hours and suitable for every day use.

GENTLE: Gentle formulation and thorough cleaning with added fog prevention.

SAFE: Safe to use on eyeglasses, face shields, snow goggles and other high-quality coated optical lens.

SCRATCH FREE: Non-abrasive, soft, biodegradable, micro-fine tissue.

CONVENIENT: Individually packed AntiFOG wipes for at home, work, school or on-the-go.

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