Precision Ultralight 1913 Mil-Spec Riflescope Mounting Rings with Anti-Cant Bubble Level, 34mm, Medium

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ZEISS Ultralight 1913 Mil-Spec Riflescope Rings are manufactured to the highest of standards from premium materials, and with tight tolerances for your long-term safety and field applications. They are designed for optimal long-range shooting solutions and allow for either right- or left-handed operations and eye dominance. The bubble level is easily viewed from the shooting position, creating no disturbance in your shooting position. A smarter, sleeker, and ultralightweight ring design for all heavy-duty hunting and shooting applications.

Center height - 1.125-inch / 28.5-mm

REFINED DESIGN - Compact and refined design, with low-profile, non-snagging hardware; Type 303 stainless steel top cap screws with black oxide finish; Micro-radiused on all machined leading edges to ensure a non-marring design.

BUBBLE LEVEL - Integral anti-cant bubble level in top half of ring.

RECOIL LUG - Integral bottom recoil lug for best alignment and a secure zero under the harshest recoil.

DURABLE & ULTRALIGHT - Approximately 4.41 oz. with screws (pair 30mm low); Made of 7075-T6 aluminum, Mil-Spec, Type III, 30-micron hard anodized matte black finish; Hard Case and T15 and T25 Torx driver bits included. Top cap screw torque specifications: 25 inch pounds.

Top Cap Screw Torque Specifications:
25 inch pounds
Country of Origin:
United Kingdom