Flip-Up and Fold-Flat Pro Ocular Lens Cover for LRP S3 Riflescope, 1.777"

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When using these lens covers, rain, snow, dirt, dust, and mud will find no resting place on your ZEISS lenses. Enjoy the benefits of stainless steel hardware, rugged nylon construction, excellent OEM fitment, and strong secure installation that stays put even when temperatures shift from extreme hot to extreme cold. Smarter features, such as the ‘L’ wrench and spare battery retaining systems and dual clamping arms, provide you with a stronger sense of assurance. Finally, the flip-up and fold-flat design allows you to always be ready for the next shot. For more success in the field, insist on ZEISS ‘Flip-Up and Fold-Flat Pro Lens Covers’.

HEAVY DUTY DESIGN – Stainless steel hardware and nylon construction protects your lens from rain, snow, dirt, dust, mud, and anything else you might encounter. Made in USA; the ZEISS Pro Lens Covers are lightweight and durable.

FLIP-UP AND FOLD-FLAT – Pro Lens Covers will remain flat, under recoil, while in the fold-flat shooter-ready position. The lens covers also feature snap-to closure. With flip-open tabs on both sides for right- or left-handed operation.

SECURE – Installs securely with dual fasten points to your ZEISS riflescope and will stay put even in extreme temperature shifts.

SOLID FIT – Ocular lens covers helps to retain and secure your preferred diopter setting so the scope is ready as soon as the lens covers are opened.

OEM FITMENT - Ocular lens cover fits ZEISS LRP S3 riflescopes.

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